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Press Features

Interviews and highlights about Visionary Development Consulting and founder Sharitta Marshall

Detroit area teens embark on tour of historically Black colleges

Sharitta Marshal is the founder of Visionary Development Consulting. They teamed with Ikea to make this trip a reality. Read the article here.

EMOIR Magazine: A Black Woman’s Guide To Recovering From Corporate PTSD 

“After years of being overlooked, under-valued, gaslit, micro- and macro-aggressed at work, you start to realize that nothing you do will help your situation because it isn’t you, it’s the environment,” Read the article here.

HR Bew shares How to set up ERG executive sponsors for success

“The roles and responsibilities need to be the same for every executive sponsor, no matter the ERG that they’re over,” Read the article here.

AZ Big Media Announces First ERG Program Management Certification comes to Arizona

“And now we provide this strategic, data-driven and employee-centric solution that connects ERG programming to organizational KPIs, which fosters a workplace culture that nurtures creativity, innovation and engagement. This translates into increased productivity, profitability, and retention rates for organizations that commit to implementing our innovative approach.” Read the article here.

6 ways consultants can handle capacity issues

“Setting boundaries can help consultants manage their workload and prevent over-committing by limiting the amount of work they take on and setting clear expectations with clients.” Read the article here.

Press Releases

Visionary Development Consulting & IKEA U.S. Launch “Secure The Bag” HBCU Tour for Detroit Youth

2/26/2024: Visionary Development Consulting collaborates with IKEA U.S. and Money Matters for Youth to launch the ‘Secure The Bag’ HBCU Tour, a groundbreaking initiative supporting Detroit’s future college students. Read the full release

Visionary Development Consulting Launches Certification That Strategically Connects ERGs & Organizational Outcomes

4/17/2023: Visionary Development Consulting Launches Certification That Strategically Connects ERGs & Organizational Outcomes. Read the full release