10 Steps to Crafting an Effective ERG Program Strategic Plan

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In today’s corporate landscape, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have emerged as have emerged as dynamic drivers of this imperative, aligning DEI efforts with organizational objectives. We’ll break down the process into 10 actionable steps to assist you in fashioning an impactful ERG Program Strategic Plan that harmonizes DEI objectives with your organizational business outcomes. These strategic steps will illuminate the path to success in your organization, ensuring that your ERGs become not just advocates of inclusion but also strategic drivers of your business goals.

What You Should Know Before You Start –

These 10 steps are foundations and should be adjusted to your ERG program and organizational structure. It’s important that you create a framework so that you understand where and how to adjust. Let’s get started:

  1. Assess the Current State of Your ERGs program: Before crafting a strategic plan, you must understand where your ERG program stands today. This involves reviewing the previous years and YTD ERG activities, analyzing challenges and opportunities, and evaluating ERG metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  2. Align ERGs with Organizational Business Outcomes: Ensure that your ERGs program is in sync with your organization’s broader business goals. Review your organization’s new year business outcomes, identify areas where ERGs can contribute, and establish clear links between ERGs program goal(s) and organizational priorities.
  3. Define Strategic Focus Areas for your ERG program: Engage ERG leadership in brainstorming sessions to identify strategic focus area(s). This will allow for strategic areas of focus selection and alignment of each focus area with your organization.
  4. Set Program Goals and Action Plans: Translate your strategic focus area(s) into tangible goals for your program. Outline your overarching ERG program goal(s), break them down into individual projects/initiatives, and create action plans with key milestones.
  5. Assess Resource and Support Needs: Determine the resources and support required for a successful plan implementation. Identify support from various stakeholders and collaborate with them to ensure your plan has the necessary resources and backing.
  6. Define Responsibilities and Accountability: Assign roles and responsibilities for the plan execution. Clarify accountability and reporting structures to ensure everyone knows their role in achieving the program goals.
  7. Create an Implementation Timeline: Develop a realistic timeline that outlines when each ERG project/initiative will be executed. Highlight key milestones and deadlines to keep everyone on track.
  8. Develop Communication and Engagement Strategies: Effective communication is vital for your plan’s success. Devise strategies for communicating with your ERGs leadership, members, and stakeholders your high level plan which will encourage engagement and participation.
  9. Monitor and Measure Progress: Implement mechanisms for monitoring and measuring the progress of your ERGs projects/initiatives. Regularly review your program metrics and KPIs to ensure you’re on the right track.
  10. Evaluate and Adapt: Periodically assess the effectiveness of your ERG Program Strategic Plan. Use feedback, data, and insights to adapt and refine your plan to better align with evolving organizational goals and the changing needs of your ERGs.


Crafting an effective ERG Program Strategic Plan is a journey towards building an equitable and inclusive workplace while also achieving organizational success. By utilizing these 10 steps, you can create a comprehensive plan that empowers ERGs to thrive, fosters clear communication, and contributes to the overall growth and success of your organization.

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