Transformative Impact of Visionary Development Consulting on Apex Systems

This case study highlights the successful partnership between Visionary Development Consulting and Apex Systems, focusing on enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Employee Resource Group program management within the latter’s organizational structure.

Client Background

Apex Systems, a prominent staffing and workforce solutions provider, faced the challenge of advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within their organization. Recognizing the need for a strategic approach, Apex Systems engaged Visionary Development Consulting, a specialized firm in DEI and Employee Resource Group (ERG) program management.


The collaboration aimed to:

  • Achieve a measurable increase in DEI metrics.
  • Strengthen ERGs for better employee engagement and representation.
  • Improve career mobility, allyship, and advocacy within the company.

Solution and Approach

Visionary Development Consulting implemented a comprehensive program that included:

  • DEI an ERG program management training for key organizational figures.
  • An innovative ERG application process involving live interviews.
  • A tailored orientation program that aligns with the company’s core values.
  • Provision of a roadmap, terminology guides, and principles of allyship, along with other templates for ease of admin use.


The project, initiated in January 2023, spanned one year. Key achievements included launching the ERG leaders’ orientation and a 2-part program focusing on platform navigation, alignment with 2024 goals, and strategies for career mobility.

Results and Impact

  • 20% increase in ERG participation and nominations for company-wide awards.
  • Successful launch of ERG roadmaps, leading to a 15% rise in employee engagement.
  • 25% increase in nominations for company-wide awards, indicating progress in DEI goals.
  • Positive feedback highlighting the effectiveness of the structured approach.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Overwhelming ERG program content was streamlined into manageable components.
  • Time commitment issues were resolved by optimizing the ERG leaders orientation program’s length without compromising its effectiveness.

Lessons Learned

  • Strategic planning and phased implementation are key to long-term success.
  • Continual updates and adaptation are essential due to the evolving nature of language and communities.
  • Empowering co chairs and leaders to take ownership enhances the sustainability and impact of DEI initiatives

Key Factors and Unique Features

Visionary Development Consulting’s expertise in DEI and ERG program management significantly contributed to the transformative impact on Apex Systems, creating a more inclusive, transparent, and engaged culture.


This collaboration serves as a model for how tailored DEI strategies and effective ERG management can significantly enhance an organization’s culture and operational success. Also, the utilization of accurate metrics demonstrates the concrete improvements in ERG participation, employee engagement, and progress towards DEI goals.

Driving Success through ERG Transformation: A Collaborative Journey with Apex Systems and Visionary Development Consulting

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Apex Systems, a staffing and consulting firm, sought the services of Visionary Development Consulting to address their challenges in managing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). This case study highlights the client’s experience, the solutions provided by Visionary Development Consulting, and the positive outcomes achieved through their collaboration.

Client Background:

Apex Systems operates in various industries, with a primary focus on technology staffing and consulting. They recognized the need for a formal training program to enhance the management and functionality of their ERGs.

Challenges and Goals:

Prior to engaging Visionary Development Consulting, Apex Systems faced the challenge of lacking a formal ERG training program. This resulted in limited bandwidth within their team and hindered their ability to effectively manage and organize ERG activities. They sought a solution that would provide training, guidance, and best practices for their ERG initiatives.

Solution and Approach:

Visionary Development Consulting designed a comprehensive ERG Program Management Certification training program which addressed the specific needs and challenges that Apex Systems was experiencing with managing ERGs. 

The program included a roadmap and custom materials to guide participants through the training process. It also emphasized interactive sessions, allowing participants to ask questions, seek guidance, and share their experiences.

Results and Impact:

The collaboration between Apex Systems and Visionary Development Consulting yielded significant positive outcomes. One notable area of improvement was the engagement and participation in ERG events, which increased over 50% within the first two quarters. This surge in participation can be attributed to the organizational and planning skills imparted during the training, as well as improved marketing strategies.

Key Factors and Unique Features:

Apex Systems found several aspects of Visionary Development Consulting’s approach to be invaluable and distinctive:

  1. Comprehensive Roadmap: The provided roadmap offered a clear and structured path for effective ERG management, enabling participants to navigate the complexities of driving inclusive initiatives successfully.
  2. Customized Training Materials: Visionary Development Consulting furnished additional training documents that facilitated participants’ progression and understanding, promoting a holistic learning experience.
  3. Ongoing Support and Communication: The open communication and follow-up support from Visionary Development Consulting ensured a strong partnership and continuous assistance, reinforcing the client’s confidence in their expertise.

Meeting Expectations and Areas for Improvement:

The services provided by Visionary Development Consulting not only met but exceeded Apex Systems’ expectations. The comprehensive training program and authentic approach resonated well with the participants. 

Comparison with Other Providers:

Apex Systems acknowledged the unique nature of Visionary Development Consulting’s services. While they had limited experience with other providers specifically focused on ERG training, they recognized the authenticity and expertise demonstrated by Visionary Development Consulting. Their ability to address the realities of working in corporate America and provide actionable solutions set them apart.


Based on the successful collaboration and positive outcomes, Apex Systems highly recommends Visionary Development Consulting’s services to other companies, particularly those seeking to establish and enhance their ERG initiatives. The trust built through Visionary Development Consulting’s proven track record and firsthand experience in ERG management positions them as a reliable and trusted partner.


The partnership between Apex Systems and Visionary Development Consulting enabled the development of a robust ERG training program, resulting in: 

  • Increased engagement
  • Improved organizational capabilities
  • And strengthened relationships within the organization¬†

Visionary Development Consulting’s expertise, unique approach, and ongoing support proved instrumental in achieving these positive outcomes. 

Apex Systems looks forward to continuing their collaboration and encourages others to leverage Visionary Development Consulting’s services to drive success in their ERG initiatives.

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