ERG & DEI Workshops and Trainings

We’re here to dive deeper into real time implementation and “folks doing the work”. Our workshops are designed to focus in or broad span some ERG and DEI Strategy tools and information.

If you’re looking to have to have your leaders, team, or organization get in the know, then schedule a call with us today.

ERG Workshops and Trainings

  • How to Get Started with ERGs
  • How to Create and Implement an ERG Strategy
  • Professional Development Programming
  • Executive Sponsor Leadership & Onboarding training
  • ERG Lead Leadership & Onboarding training
  • ERG Budget training
  • ERG Basics training
  • ERGs and Allyship training

DEI Workshops and Trainings

  • How to Get Started with developing a solid DEI Strategy
  • Implementing organizational change related to your DEI Strategy
  • Professional Development Programming
  • Middle management DEI buy in
  • Creating Safe Spaces