ERG Roadmapping

Leverage your ERG programming to stand out in your industry

If you have stopped at just having ERGs for team members and maybe assigning executive sponsors but there is no real tie in to your organizations missions, goals, and initiatives then you are missing out on not just innovation but profits as well.

By understanding and leveraging the powerhouse that can be your ERG programming you may be able to not only standout within your industry but also with your customer base.

How Our ERG Roadmapping Consulting Works

Together we will:

  • Walk through the ERG Roadmapping process
  • Complete an ERG Review and Audit
  • Develop your organizations short and/or long term ERG programming goals
  • Create an action plan based on closing gaps and desired business outcomes related to your ERG programming
  • Walk through your organizations ERG action plan
  • Create guidance for maintaining the ERG initiatives once implemented

Here is what you will have after working with us

  • A customized ERG action plan including a communications plan
  • A customized ERG Toolkit
  • A list of additional recommendations to support the scale and sustainability of your ERG programming