ERG Solutions For Forward-Thinking Organizations

At Visionary Development Consulting, we understand that ERG and DEI work cannot be approached as a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer ERG services that are specifically designed to help you build a framework that works best for your organization.

Create an inclusive environment that fosters growth and innovation for all team members by utilizing our ERG services:

  • ERG Roadmapping: Customized ERG action plan, toolkit and recommendations to support the scale and sustainability of your ERG programming.
  • ERG Program Management Certification Course: The first and only ERG program management certification course to help you create a strategic plan for your Employee Resource Group program, from designing and implementing your program, to measuring the success of your efforts.
  • Semi-Annual Audits: Six-month audits for certification course and roadmapping services to evaluate your implementation, check for areas of opportunity, and  review metrics and measurement practices. 
  • ERG Trainings & Workshops: Interactive and engaging ERG workshops that allow participants to share their experiences and learn from each other, while gaining the practical tools and resources they need to drive change within their organizations.

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ERG Roadmapping

ERG Roadmapping services provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to develop and maximize the potential of their Employee Resource Groups. ERGs can be a powerful force for driving positive change, but without a clear strategy and plan of action, their impact can be limited. That’s where ERG Roadmapping comes in. Our process helps identify the needs and challenges facing the ERG, and sets a clear vision for the future. By establishing specific goals, creating a roadmap for achieving them, and assigning responsibilities and timelines, we provide the structure and direction that ERGs need to succeed. With ERG Roadmapping services, your organization can unlock the full potential of your ERGs, and drive meaningful change and impact within your company.

Our offered solutions are here to meet you where you are and set you on the right path of where you want to be.

ERG RoadMapping Services
ERG RoadMapping If you have ERGs in place but lack clarity on their purpose and impact, or if you want to develop a more comprehensive ERG program that aligns with your organization’s growth, ERG Roadmapping is the perfect starting point. Our services help you define goals, create action plans, and measure outcomes to ensure your ERGs are making a meaningful contribution to your company’s success. With ERG Roadmapping, you can unlock the full potential of your ERGs and cultivate a more inclusive and engaged workplace culture.Learn More
ERG ToolkitUnlock the power of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with our all-inclusive ERG Toolkit! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up, our toolkit provides everything you need to establish, grow, and drive impact with ERGs in your organization. With expert guidance, valuable resources, and proven strategies, taking your ERGs to the next level has never been easier.Learn More
ERG WorkshopsOur workshops empower organizations to embrace change by providing expert guidance and support. Our workshops offer participants the knowledge and tools necessary to drive successful ERG programming and foster a culture of inclusivity. Whether you’re looking to build your team’s skills or implement new initiatives, our comprehensive approach will help you achieve your goals and create lasting impact. Join us today and discover the power of effective organizational change!Get Started

ERG Program Management

ERG Program Management services are crucial to unlock the full potential of your organization’s Employee Resource Groups. Our team provides strategic guidance to ensure your ERGs have a clear direction, purpose, and expected outcomes. By working with us, you can establish a framework that supports the success of your ERGs, empowers your employees, and strengthens your organization. We can help you create a more psychologically safe workplace culture that increases employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

Our offered solutions are here to support and guide you to leverage the power of ERGs to drive positive change, promote diversity and inclusion, and enhance your organization’s overall performance.

ERG Program Management Services
ERG Program Management Certification CoursesThe ERG Program Management Certification course is a comprehensive overview of key concepts and best practices related to managing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). This course covers everything from defining and articulating the importance of ERGs to creating a strategic plan and developing processes for ERGs to implement in the overall ERG program.Learn More
ERG Program Management ConsultingAre you struggling to effectively manage your Employee Resource Groups? Our ERG Program Management Consulting services can help. We offer comprehensive services that include developing a strategic plan, creating processes for ERGs, building communities and support systems, and providing insights into best practices for scaling and sustaining your ERGs. Let us take your ERG program to the next level.Coming Soon

It was a wonderful experience working with Sharitta and Visionary Development. She is an exceptional communicator and took the time to understand the needs of our organization as well as the status of our ERG leaders. Her ability to not only provided our leaders with tangible tools to help them effectively plan their programs while educating and empowering our leaders simultaneously was outstanding. At this pivotal point in DEI work across industries taking the steps to dive deeper in more meaningful conversation is a must and Sharitta did that and much more.” – Apex Systems

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